Monday, November 9, 2015

Six Months of Oracles

Using: Energy Oracle Cards

November 2015
"Angel of Strength"
This is not a time for you to be passive, you need to be active and show your strength and trust in your personal power. Speak honestly, and stand up for yourself. Form boundaries. The power is there ready to be channeled through you to get done what you wish to get done this month and this year.

December 2015
"Woman Holding a Coin"
There should be a success this month regarding finances or your health. There could be a strong woman offering you good advice, so watch out for some helpful assistance no matter what form that could take.

January 2016
"Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel" (reversed)
You are finding that your creativity is being blocked this month, you may have to rethink what you are doing and try and come up with something innovative to change your thinking or your responses. What's causing this blockage? Are you hanging on to old fears and concerns, or maybe you are limiting yourself before you even begin? Be open to love and creativity from the Universe and the Angels who will help you if you ask. Ask Ariel to focus on your second chakra, and visualize the warming orange energy clearing anything out of that chakra to heal the energy.

February 2016
A situation has come to a head, or has just began that involves hostilities this month. This aggression may be verbal, emotional, maybe even physical. Maybe someone is being a bit too critical, or speaking hurtful words to you, or being demanding. You may have been living with these hostilities for a while, but whether it's old or new energy, it's time to regain control and say no. Do not allow others to treat you in a way that dishonors you. Those boundaries you set back in November, you need to stand firm.

March 2016
"Goddess of the Moon" 
Your intuition has guided you in your life, and will continue to guide you. Trust your intuition, whether anyone else does or not. Intuition isn't just for the big things in life, it could be as simple as getting a feeling you need to take a different way home and thus avoiding traffic or an accident. Listen to your soul speak to you and guide you.

April 2016
"The Garden and the Gate" (reversed)
You've been obsessed with the material things in life and have put spiritual things on the back burner, and now you have that little feeling that maybe its time to focus more on spiritual things. There's nothing wrong with living in the material world, and gaining material things to make your life easier and happier, but you can do all this AND engage in whatever spiritual path you've chosen. When you do this, you will feel more at peace with the world and find more happiness in the things you do.

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