Sunday, January 11, 2015


Found a list of great affirmations from "Lightworker". Here are a few I like:

- I live each day to increase my light and that of the world.

- Being sick does not mean the Source does not love me, recovery means I love myself.

- I am inspired to live my dreams and have faith that all is well.

- I cannot fix everyone, but I can make a difference.

- My gifts are meant to heal, not hinder my own life.

- I can only stay in the dark so long before I seek the light.

- It's perfectly okay to feel happy, safe and secure.

- I refuse to allow my light energy to be depleted by others.

- I am here for a reason, and I will fully execute my purpose.

- I accept myself and my own limitations.

- I cannot heal others if they will not heal themselves.

- I allow myself to fail and learn from the process of failure.

- I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time in my life.

- I have free will to walk the path I choose.

- I will always find my way out of the darkness.

- I accept my dark days, just as I do my light days.

- My intuition is a gift from the Source and I follow it without question.

- It's okay to be praised.

- I am a beacon of light for the world.

- My hands are filled with healing energy, and I share it effortlessly with the world.

- All choices are my own to make. I reap what I sow.

- My body is the vessel of my soul, and I honor it.

- I will be loved by those around me for who I am without conditions.

- It's never too late to make things right.

- I will not take on the dark energies of those around me.

- My greatest challenges have brought me only spiritual enlightenment.

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