Thursday, January 1, 2015


It is a new year, 2015. Just about everyone I know starts a new year setting new year's goals or resolutions, and while I believe that is a great thing to do, the difficulty is in actually following through. But, isn't that the difficulty with just about everything in life? I always get bright ideas, but the follow through is what catches me. So, I'm not going to resolve to write in this blog this year, because I think that is setting me up for failure. I will just say that this blog is here for me to write in when I feel like I have something I wish to put in words.

I spent this past weekend, four days in fact, with my mother in Charleston, SC. We 'ran away' from home, as she told several people we ran into during our stay, and we kinda did! It was a spiritual journey for us, my mom needed to get away and I did not feel like she should go on her own. So, last Friday, when I got home from NC where we'd been for Christmas for a few days, I repacked and found us a hotel and we set off to Charleston, not really even knowing what we were going to do. It was marvelous!

We really wanted to get aura photos taken, but the Healing Oasis where they had them was in the middle of moving so the lady said she'd send me an email, with a discount, and we could schedule it for another weekend. I hope she remembers to do that! We also located online a place downtown on King Street called Seeking Indigo where they had massages, and meditation classes, and even someone that gave tarot readings. We signed up for tarot readings, and came back on Sunday to meet with Franklyn to give our readings and it was absolutely life-changing. I recorded my mom's reading, but my tablet didn't record mine. I'm going to type up my mom's for her this week so she has a record to look back over. We both cried during hers and mine. I can't say enough good things about Franklyn, I would go back to her in an instant. She wasn't your average everyday tarot reader, she said she is also a therapist and I could tell because throughout the reading she was giving us tips and hints on how to protect ourselves, and meditation techniques and even what gemstones would assist us. She started out by using the Archangel Oracle Cards, and then used a very worn, beautiful set of tarot cards for the reading. I could feel the energy in them and when I ran my hands over the three piles to choose a pile, one pile felt cold, one felt slightly warm, and one radiated heat.

I had to give up all my tarot cards years ago when my husband and I got back together because he didn't like them, and I regret it because I had some beautiful sets and they really meant a lot to me. I have good intuition so people say and my mother always liked it when I'd give her readings even if what I had to say wasn't always "good". I would always tell her that tarot cards are tools. They aren't magical, they are merely tools and that tarot readings should be more about offering suggestions and helping people work out issues for themselves than any sort of telling the future like some people make it. At least that's how I feel, it's like therapy.

Franklyn told us about asking our angels to help us and protect us, and said to ask for a white light to wash over us and then imagine Michael's sword coming down around us and slicing all the ties to negative energies and harmful things. I picked up a great book called  The Path of Energy by Dr. Synthia Andrews and in there I read about the Spiral Pillar of Light, which was very similar to what Franklyn told us about. I told my mom how to do it, and the two nights we used it in Charleston, we had really good results. I usually have major issues falling asleep but I've fallen asleep easily for three nights now using the visualization.

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