Friday, January 2, 2015


My mother and I bought the Doreen Virtue Collection while we were in Charleston this past weekend, because we were really touched by what our tarot reader, Franklyn, said about the angels watching over us. She used the Archangel Oracle Cards along with the tarot, and my mother began to tell me later about the times she felt like angels watched over her. She'd already told me that weekend she felt like everyone has a guardian angel. So we started researching, and found out that some people actually can find out the name of their guardian angel just by asking.

I was afraid to ask while we were gone, even though I was doing the Spiral Pillar of Light visualization every night, and even asking the angels to protect me and to remove negative energies from me. My mother told me that because I am so sensitive that I probably have a lot of energy or even spirits hanging onto me because they are attracted to me. It isn't like some people think, evil spirits, hauntings or the like but just energy sources that don't want to move into the light that are attracted to sensitive people and merely latch on and drain their energy. My mother told me she read that I can ask my angel or angels to remove those things that are draining my energy and that sometimes you can even feel it being done.

So, I asked, and I began to feel sick to my stomach. Then I felt a weird sensation on the top of my head, slightly to the right side. And then I began to feel something like brushes or touches in various parts of my body such as my arm, the back of my neck, my legs. I told my mom the next day and she said that is what it said it would be like, as the angels plucked the hangers-on off my body. I still felt drained so the next night I did the same, and the same thing happened. The next day, the pain I had in the back of my neck for about a week was gone and I felt refreshed.

Last night, back in my own bed finally, I decided I'd ask for my angel's name. I wasn't really sure it would happen, but I thought, it's worth a try. I began to ask while I was in bed and the name Lemuel came to me. I figured I just thought of the first angel-y sounding name I could come up with, so I thought nah, stop trying to name your angel and just relaxed, but it came to me again, Lemuel, Lemuel, Lemuel and it wouldn't get out of my mind. I finally said out loud, "Lemuel" and it just felt right. I don't know if that's how you're supposed to do it, and I hope that I wasn't trying to name the angel myself but that is what came to mind.

I looked up to see what the name meant, and Lemuel is a biblical name, apparently a King mentioned in Proverbs. It says something about that passage is an exhortation to temperance among a few other things, which was really interesting since Temperance is my favorite Tarot card, something I've been collecting.

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